Your boating dreams start and end with service. When you’re in need of any type of boat or engine service, you can’t beat the experience and expertise of Cataumet Boats. Our staff of professionals realizes that your time on the water is precious and understands the importance and needs of each and every customer.

“Our number one goal is customer satisfaction,” says Cataumet Boats Service Manager Mike Richard, with Cataumet Boats inc since 1993, “we go the extra mile to ensure the customer is totally satisfied with every aspect of their Cataumet Boats experience.”

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“The staff at Cataumet Boats is very courteous and helpful. From winter maintenance to storage and repair services, they are always a timely resource to keep our boat in the water and operating efficiently during the short New England season. Thank you, Cataumet Boats.” — 30-foot Grady-White owner, Steve Akers



Master Yamaha Technician

Our Yamaha Outboard Master Technician has reached the highest certification a Yamaha technician can attain. After meeting the challenges of Yamaha’s most demanding training, the Outboard Master Technician is the best there is. Display of this logo means that a Master Technician is a member of this dealership team.

The advanced level of Yamaha technician training, the Yamaha Outboard Master Technician program includes six training modules at Yamaha’s state-of-the-art training facilities. Each module is an intensive weeklong class with both classroom and hands-on training in advanced troubleshooting and repair techniques. After completing one of the industry’s most comprehensive training programs, the technician is ready to tackle the ultimate challenge: the final certification test.

Only then, after passing the final exam, do technicians earn the distinction of being a Certified Yamaha Outboard Master Technician, recognized by Yamaha as one of the most advanced technicians in the business.

All Cataumet Boats technicians are factory-trained by Yamaha annually to provide you with the most up-to-date service and products.


Jeff Fallon, Yamaha Master Technician