Be Ready for Hurricane Season

Tips from Cataumet Boats

In the event of a hurricane reaching as far north as New England, we have prepared some emergency procedures. By working together, according to some preset guidelines, we are confident that personal and property damage of such a storm can be kept to a minimum. Communication and cooperation are critical!

Although Cataumet Boats is fully prepared to assist boat owners with hurricane preparations, the ultimate responsibility for each vessel lies with its owner. THE DECISION AS TO IF AND WHEN TO HAUL A BOAT IS THE SOLE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE CAPTAIN!


Prior to or during the “Hurricane Watch” period, an owner can contact CBI to schedule a haul date, time and location. Boats will be hauled at the prevailing rates.


When Cataumet Boats deems a hurricane an imminent threat, the Cataumet Boats Hurricane Action Plan will be implemented. All haul out requests will be scheduled on a “first come first serve” basis. Cataumet Boats reserves the right to institute its Hurricane Action Plan at any time at its own discretion depending upon the storm’s intensity, speed and projected track.


  1. Due to pre/post storm logistics & increased overhead, haul rates will increase to 1.5 times the prevailing rates.
  2. Boat owners will be required to deliver their boats to a scheduled haul out location. CBI will not haul boats left at the mooring or dock.
  3. It is recommended that all skippers secure canvas, antennas and any other loose items consequently saving CBI time and the skipper money.
  4. All hauled vessels will be secured outside on Cataumet Boats’ property.
  5. CBI is not responsible for any items lost, stolen or damaged during transportation or storage.
  6. CBI will stop hauling at any time at our own discretion once it has been determined that conditions are unsafe for our crew and equipment.
  7. CBI will make every effort to accommodate every haul request. Because of the unpredictability of hurricanes, however, we do not guarantee that we will be able to service all boats at all times and assume no responsibility for failure to do so for any reason.

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